Weekend Two

We’ve had a fairly busy one.
Kicking off as usual our Friday night Majorette Training. Three of my children are in the troupe. Two are currently competing. The youngest has only just started.
I’m on the committee team. I love it. I obviously don’t work as hard as the trainers,and haven’t been doing it as long,but I really do enjoy it.

Saturday we had a little shopping visit. With a Costa Fix too.
OK,not the most perfect of pictures. Was end of our Costa session, three of them were getting bored.
Can’t always give the perfect portrait…
The bedroom tidy,was an operation to be tackled this weekend. Tiniest bedroom in the house,that often ends up the messiest. Two and half hours later, a search party of dairy free korma came to the rescue.

Wonder how long it’ll stay that way.

Sunday. Competition Day. 
Two Majorettes,a baby and me,all packed off on to the coach.
Over to the next county for a day of competing. 
Of course I am so proud of the whole troupe.
Three sections, two of which have mine in.
No matter how many times I see them,which is a lot. 
I still find myself being in awe of how they perform. Like it’s the first time,every time.
How hard they work,how hard the trainers work to get them up to scratch. 
As a whole,they are extremely well behaved bunch too. 
A big age difference between the eldest and the youngest,yet they still get on wonderfully. 

Which leads me to presentation.
Presented with
2nd place Senior Twirl
2nd place Tot Twirl
Lead Girl Tot Twirl
Tot twirl Mascot
3rd Junior Twirl
2nd Tot Pom
Junior Pom Mascot
Sporting Troupe.
My biggest proud moment was a comment made by a judge about my boy.
“Well donjoinedhe young man for his fantastic performance”.
My Little Man.
I know people may or may not pass judgement on letting my son join a club that is stereotypically for females.
When he requested to join,almost three years ago,I thought he’d have left not long after,because it hadn’t been what he was expecting.
There have been times where he’s said he’d like to leave,then he changes his mind.
Recently he has said he’d like to go after competitions. But after their first one of the year a few weeks ago,he shouts to me on the coach.
” Can I stay? “
It makes me sad that boys and girls cannot pick a club outside their stereotypes.
Boys can’t like pink.
Jeans aren’t for girls.
In a world that at the moment is incredibly cruel,hard and bloody scary. 
What club,colour, choice of clothes is so,so trivial in the grand scheme of things.
If any of my girls say they’d like to play rugby for example, I’d say yes.
In most people’s eyes that’s fine.
But if it’s the other way around and the boys want to do something remotely girlie.
It is against, some unwritten gender law.
Let children be children.
Let them be who ever they want to be.
Because in a minute, they will be adults. 
That is boring.
One very proud mama.
My little dude got a mention!
If there are anybody reading these who were in the same troupe I was as a child. (and maybe when I was a teen too), I would love to see photos an so would the children. 
Unfortunately due to circumstances I cannot seek them out myself. 

Beginning the week as any other at the moment. 
More sickness, more bugs. 
And a very wheezy baby due to a possible reaction, but to what?..who knows. 

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