Weekend 1

My Saturday consisted of writing, feeding the baby and…
Wayne’s World.
A film that I have since discovered is 24 this year…

It has turned into a particular favourite of my eldest daughter’s,especially the car scene with Bohemian Rhapsody.

Two best friends who host a low budget TV show,gets discovered by big producers. There’s bad guys,funny guys,beautiful girls.
I won’t say too much,as it really is a must see if you’re in need of some cheesy fun.
                                               “No Way”

Had the toddler thinking she was a dragon,having watched How To Train A Dragon, she was a dragon… One that fell head first off the sofa. All OK, but being a dragon was no longer fun. She’s incredibly versatile with how she plays. Princesses one minute,dragons and trains the next.
Would love to see into her mind. Her imagination fascinates me.

My biggest had a sleepover, so didn’t see a lot of her on Saturday. My boy still feeling a little under the weather,so he wanted quiet time.

The baby we’re unsure of something. She is very attached (which it can be a little hard work at times), she always has been the same. However if we attempt any time of non-body contact games, put her at arms length, games I’ve played many,many times before, she screams but we can’t work out if it is terror or pain. My husband picked her up to move her admittedly from the stairs…(her favourite place to attempt at the moment), she screamed. Unsure if it was a tantrum,which she’s perfected or whether she’s hurting.
She’s definitely a mystery.

She doesn’t do the screams every time, so very much hoping it is a tantrum rather than pain.
I’ve been dairy and gluten free now since last Summer. I’ve really enjoyed it. Apart from it is hard locally to find places that accommodate,both gluten and dairy free diet.
It is incredibly frustrating and disappointing. 
The local supermarkets don’t do the best job of accommodating a lot either, leading me to have to travel 30 minutes to get Chocolate Spread. 
Something so simple and readily available. 
But if you have allergies then,no. 
Chocolate Spread is not readily available. 
As I’m still relatively new to this diet,it is exciting when I discover I can have certain things.
Discovering Green and Black’s 85% Dark Chocolate on the shelf, made me happy. It being “May Contain” product, I thought I’d risk it….
And risk it,I did. 
It was an awful shock when I discover that by choosing this product, I chose to violate my taste buds. 
I could have cried. I like dark chocolate. 
But for me,this was the stuff of nightmares. A punishment of caving in to a chocolate craving when I’m dieting. 
My poor taste buds, I could hear them screaming,
“stop this taste,stop this taste.”
11 hours later,they’re still screaming. 
Collecting this,all my faith in chocolate has been restored..
It is a shame I’ve to travel for it,but it is so worth it. 
Took the biggest,her friend and the littlest shopping. 
She had birthday money and vouchers to spend it was burning a hole in her pocket.
It was lovely. Baby hooked up in her wrap, she enjoyed being out and about. 
I treated L to a Poo Purse! 
Yep,I purchased a poo purse. 
So,I thought I’d spoil my husband and picked him up a poo eraser…
Who knew Emojis would turn into merchandise?! 
She had a Next Voucher, but unfortunately the Next we visited is incredibly small,so being the fussy miss that she is,we came home and ordered online.
I did get these super cute dresses.
Dinosaurs for the baby rainbows for the toddler. 
May have to get them matching. 
Big Hero 6 concludes our quiet weekend.
I will continue to Write Like Tomorrow Doesn’t Exist.
Thanks for listening. 

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