Beginning my day waking up to this lovely little lady. I adore watching them sleep. I do struggle occasionally bed sharing,with not being able to sleep well. But then I remember they are only small for a short time. I’d probably sleep less because of being too scared to sleep if she went into her cot.
I can’t win. Then I wouldn’t get to take to this..

Came down the stairs to a lovely toddler Pink Flower Tea.
Best cuppa all day,completely free from anything!

I do volunteer things here and there,which I enjoy a lot,it means I can also take the smallest ones.
Helping at our new local sling library, although today I couldn’t do a great deal until I do the course in a few weeks. But felt completely in awe of the lovely Kate over at Carry Me Kate who the sling library belongs too.
Not forgetting Jo (no help,needed..but she feeds my nappy addiction), at Natural Baby Accessories with her nappy library, offering advice on cloth nappies and other natural goodies,for both mum and baby…

One moan, I do wish our town would sort the parking out,making at least one car park free. I prefer to use one of the supermarkets that doesn’t have free parking, however when I just want milk or something small,it puts 60pence on to the cost, counting the pennies it soon adds up.
Yes I could walk,I do but of course the weather hasn’t been kind, I’m not keen on getting the baby (or toddler,depending on who I baby wear) wet.
We actually used to live in the town centre,even on Sundays we were issued parking tickets for parking on the street.
It certainly puts me off going in to town. Then it drives people away from the town, where there are far cheaper car parks. Or longer free street parking.
Recently did a course, the multistorey was £2 for 10 hours. Could travel there.
There has been numerous discussions about the parking.
The town needs a boost,while people are trying to giving it a boost, it is dampened by the crazy parking.
Stil,that is my moan.

I ended up not being able to stay for the full session I was excited for. I ended up doing an extra shift in work instead.

School run made way for waiting selfie.

Not particularly keen on having my photo taken.
Fills me with emotions, I cannot quite explain whenever I see my face. 
Though losing a bit of weight helps that part.
These returned from their dad’s.
I miss these guys so much when they’re gone. 
Because of my anxieties, I often wonder.
Am I ever good enough?
I find shared parenting hard.
Finally Daddy and daughter selfie…

And why not? My great hairy wookiee.

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