After doing so well for a whole four weeks (out of most of her three years), of sleeping through the night.
She last night once again decided to re-explore night time.
Stealthily getting into our bed at 1230am. Not crashing until almost 3am.
Every excuse under the sun for not wanting to sleep.
She *needed* to watch Frozen. No.
She *needed* a boob…she hasn’t had a boob in months, that was a definite no!
Her dinosaur was cold.
She needed my arm to sleep.

Four in the bed and the little one said – nothing,absolutely nothing, she stayed asleep.

Today was the day of striking for the junior doctors.
As a family affected by the government’s cutbacks I fully support the strikes.

I’m not going all political, but until those in high up places realise how their decisions ruin lives,they are just going to laugh and rub their hands with glee. (Or blood,because that is what they have on theirs).
Sorry state of affairs.

Today was also the day of all seasons.
Here in Somerset, lovely sunshine this morning,not for long.
Then it came the hail,the sleet,the snow,thunder.
This is April. And we’ve had all weathers.

Although the year I left school, 1999 it snowed. I remember it because it was the year my nan slipped in said snow breaking her hip.
There was a party planned that week too, I remember having several conversations about whether we could walk in the snow…in heels. My relationship with wine came to an abrupt end too,inexperienced wine drinker,at a far too young an age. Lost a good hour,hugging the toilet. Ended up going to the party in trainers as was too drunk to get my heels on…

There we are a blast from the past, I was young once!

Wine was not my friend. We’re still only acquaintances now..

As I look out my window it is now Sunny.
Is it really almost May?

Real Nappy Week happened last week.
Discounts across many cloth nappy stockists.
Awareness to those who aren’t so sure about switching.
One of my favourite weeks of the year.
I didn’t go all out this year. Holiday and course to pay for.

So only one found a home with us this time.

Frugi Tots Bots v4.
“Sunny Days” 
Baby is a heavy wetter, so the v4s work reasonably well for us,especially on long competition days.

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