Togetherness…An Anniversary.

Tuesday 18th August 2009, I never knew my life would be re-starting. In the beginning there was the constant fear of not knowing if he would leave too, to walk out without a care in the world. A trust I had to find and build, to toughen it up and over come.
He met my lovely children, although I had a reluctance, they got on well from the beginning.

Always with a pen in his hand, never afraid to continue working his ass off with writing.
The days turned into weeks, the first nervous exchanges of “I Love Yous”
He graciously survived his first Christmas with small children and of course New Year.
Getting through our first early miscarriage, we remained close, it didn’t put him off in the slightest.
Holidays, engagement, another loss and a wedding that wasn’t entirely perfect. 
Our vows were the only things that were needed…
of course the girls too.
I cannot believe that it’s been five years, five mad years. With absolutely more to come.
I know completely soppy but I love you John…
always..even more after my adorable presents!
Mrs Tiggy-Winkle!!! 

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