Thanks-giving. 2017

Of course Thanks-giving is very much an American tradition; but let’s be honest having something to be thankful for is definitely something to be celebrated.

As the year draws to a close, with just weeks left, here are five things that I am thankful for this year.


Family – My husband, my children. I have really struggled with mental health in 2017. There have been times where I had found it difficult to see any light at all. They have been nothing but patient and kind with me. I have found a way to get through the dark days, which I will share as time moves into the future. I am very lucky to have them.



Family take two. Mum in Law, Father in Law, Step Mum in Law; for helping with the children when needed – a hospital visit, The Butterfly Awards; an evening out here n’ there; childcare for return to work.



Friendship; old and especially new. I have made some wonderful memories this year with some very lovely people, a few I have only been friends with a short time, whilst others slightly longer. Friendships have faded, and some have reborn. They’re definitely something to be thankful for and mostly worth their weight in gold.



Work. I have been working at a local school once a week since 2015; it was my step back into work, I wasn’t sure if I would like it, as I have always worked with adults; so working with children was completely new to me. Turns out I love it. I took on an extra shift just before the summer, it is a lovely shift. Upon the return form the Summer Holidays extra hours became available, leading me to being able to do my original shift 4x a week. It is only a couple of hours a day, but it fits with us and our family.



This brings me to the blog. I made the decision to go self-hosted, which meant I can make my blog into a job; it is slow, but I am learning so much – being confused a lot too. Have done some lovely things so far; I am super thankful to Aby of You Baby me Mummy.


What has made you thankful this year? If anything; I know how difficult it can be to find anything worth being thankful for.

The year will soon be over. I can’t believe that.


Happy Thanks-giving To my American Friends.

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