Tesco Finest Party Food

As a Tesco Orchard Member, I took the opportunity to try Tesco Finest Party Range, brought from my local store on Somerset.
The range in store really wasn’t very big or welcoming. The items I decided to purchase really were the best out of a bad bunch. Also found that the store lacked variety in the Finest Free From range too, where my daughter is gluten and dairy free. I used my vouchers from Tesco to buy food for our festive party.
My offerings consisted of 10 Chicken Sesame Pyramids, 10 Thai Breaded Chicken Skewers and Swiss Chocolate Truffle Profiteroles.

The party consisted of approximately 100 guests including children.
I mentioned that I was participating in the Tesco Finest Party Programme via Tesco Orchard.
The foods seemed popular and didn’t stay on the buffet table long.
I would recommend the food again, down to the ease of cooking using the same temperature, which saved time overall…of course not the profiteroles.
Only downside was the lack of Free From products, well in our store at least. And also the lack of Finest Party foods in general.

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