Summer 2015…Two

The week began quietly, with a trip to the library, 
to begin the Summer Reading Challenge again. 
Which the 10 year old and 7 year old really enjoy doing. 
 Weather wasn’t particularly great, so did a trip exploring the charity shops, some may frown upon this, but you can get some real bargains in them. 
The children love it. 
They then went to their dad’s house for a couple of days. I miss them so much when they’re gone. 
Just makes the reunion, when they come home even better. 
We tend not to do “significant” outings whilst they’re not at home, 
to me it doesn’t seem right. 
We do take the tiniest ones out, maybe to lunch or places the older ones can’t go to. 
Quiet couple of days, with a lunch outing, led to a busy few days ahead!
Taunton Sling Meet, my first one in almost a year, I absolutely love going but the Hyperemesis had put a stop to it. 
Only taken until 6 weeks post birth to find some confidence to go again, even then I had to take my husband. Although he is particularly stressed himself, he always manages to help me, when I find even the tiniest of tasks awkward.
 As you can see one was in the pushchair, she wasn’t feeling 100%, but still wanted to go out, so we gave her the option of daddy carry or pushchair, she wanted a mummy carry, but as I am still a little tender to be carrying her, she chose the pushchair. 
Of course going to a sling meet, to me wouldn’t be the same without wearing one of them!
Cosy Squish.
It was such a lovely picnic, I actually forgot t take photos!
But it was perfect, nice to catch up, and “nice” to meet a lady, who truly understands. 
Really looking forward to the next one. 
The children with their skip-its, although, I am not sure they are called that any more. 


A view from the multi-storey. 
Where is the Sunshine?!
* *
Rain arrived, quite a lot of it too! 
Typical –  although I am pretty sure Summer is going to bypass us this year sadly. 
Children decided on a spot of baking.
As you can see, my son had the best part. 

He also had some breaking news at lunch time. 
Lost a tooth – The tooth fairy will be making a visit.
Love the magic of the Tooth Fairy and Father Christmas.
Sorting out a play list for our road trip, we came across Christmas songs, 
yes I said the C word…
I wish I ha filmed their
Jingle Bell Rock Dance.

They coordinated perfectly.
The Christmas songs, did not feature on the play list!
We did have something for everyone, from Disney to Foo Fighters.
Their current favourite being Immortals By Fall Out Boy, featured on the film Big Hero 6. 
What would be on your Road Trip Play List?
* * * 
Road Trip…
This was not long after we had set off from home, we already had a sleeper!
Excitement at its best.
Woodlands in Blackawton in Devon. 
The “Big Kids” were able to have fun too!

Our little minnion

Hubby pinched a photo of me, I’m behind the cameras not in front!

These were absolutely gorgeous, proper posers!

Even got a shot of these rare types of Meerkats too. 

We had an absolutely amazing day, would highly recommend going there, already planning our next trip. Only downsides were some of the workers were a little rude, and that although there are no-smoking signs everywhere, public were ignoring them.
I’m an ex-smoker myself, but doesn’t take a lot to go out the park to do it.
Aside from these, the children and adults loved every single minute, one cried when it was time to leave, we only left because the park was closing! 
Worth every penny. 
With a take away treat afterwards…

And a photo bombing daughter!

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