Summer 2015…Three

Bit delayed this week. Hormones, feeling low have got the better of me this week. 
I’d rather hide away, and let it pass, like a storm cloud. 
I am lucky to have a very understanding husband and a couple of caring friends to offer hugs and adventures. The world can sometimes feel like a lonely place, grateful to those people, who help ease that. 
We have a very unsettled little newbie at the moment, no amount of bum pat shush is helping to settle her, she’s showing signs of not liking dairy. 
So I have been dairy free, it has been easier than I imagined it would be.
 Although she’s not fully happy there has been an improvement!
But I feel so helpless to say the least, crying a lot makes me feel bad I can’t help her.
I know it won’t last forever. Neither will newborn cuddles.
So, enough with the serious stuff.
After our fairly busy few days, it seemed the rain was going to put a stop to any out door play, at least for today. 
The husband has a rather large collection of Lego from his childhood. And today would be a good day to get it out!

My little selfie addict…

Was the littlest’s first time playing with Lego, rather than Duplo. Was never sure because of small parts, but she was well behaved, would like Lego for Christmas (more on that shortly)!

Lego is awesome!
I said a not so sad fairwell to this item too..
Had been injecting since November, due to immobility and IUGR (as per previous blogs), up until today, six weeks post birth. 
My poor thighs and tummy are very much battered and bruised. 
Bye bye Clexane. 
Tuesday is often quiet with my older two children away, I miss them terribly. 
We had some holiday shopping to do, the town we chose was…urm interesting. 
We didn’t get half the stuff we needed, decided on lunch and made a swift exit. 

Lunch at Frankie and Benny’s was really quite nice. 
Managed to salvage some dairy free food too. 
No pudding, but hey I should be losing weight anyway!
Yet another miserable weather day, the children however returned home. 
Best day of the week. 
A trip to the shops. 
Most importantly den building.
Duvets and Chairs.

They had so much fun, it was free.
I feel sometimes I have to try and compete or keep up with “The Joneses”.
It gets tiresome. But when I see their happy smiles, free day smiles are just as wide as our big adventures. To me that’s the most important. 
Friday started with a couple of eggs and some hardy soldiers. 
Held in place by a Cyberman. 
(Gives him a job until he no doubt returns in September).
A trip to the library for the next stage of the reading challenge.
Tiny one relaxing, whilst books were being chosen. 

The concentration to make sure they pick the “right” ones.
Too much choice. 
The evening the older two had majorette practice. Which they absolutely love!
(Ex-Competition costumes). 
Whilst they were in training, it was a relatively nice evening, 
so we visited the park.

Being a big kid as per usual

A I was saying earlier, that “C” word has been mentioned in the house already.

That’s right, they are writing their lists!! 
Anyone else’s children get this excited?
It is great!
We have all been practising our babywearing skills.
My sad little squish

Sibling wearing.
Daddy wearing. 
Finally we invited one of my oldest friends over for dinner with his mum, 
he is god father to all my children, and will be the baby’s too, when we get around to it. 

I thought it would be nice for the eldest to learn some “cheating” cooking skills. 
She cooked spaghetti bolognese 

She did amazingly. 
I was very yummy!
I maybe having a bad spell at the moment. 
But I love my little family so much. 
The smiles, the ups and downs.
I am one very lucky mummy.
That this little lot are mine. 

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