Summer 2015….Six

Coming to the end of our “Summer” Holidays, it has certainly been a fun filled one. Giving us plenty of inspiration for the next set of holidays too!

It has been the quieter of weeks this week as we draw to a close, plus the weather hasn’t really been on our side this week either. Which sadly can’t be helped.

Quiet Monday, led to a trip to the Skate Park, not far from where we live, a place for them to let off some steam.

Best of all it is free.
We even had a spot of Sunshine.

* *
Following day brought us to our sixth year together. Certainly doesn’t feel like six years.
We spent the day having fun with friends at our local Nature Reserve. Where John and I had actually had our first “date” there, six years previous. We got engaged there too in 2010, so it felt apt that we were visiting on that day. 

This hole here, I fell in! Whilst baby wearing, but thankfully my sling, (my bargain car boot sale sling), was very secure. I tried to convince my friends and family that I was indeed checking the safety of said carrier..I don’t think I convinced them!

I didn’t even find a white rabbit or a hare..

Incredibly peaceful place, even with the smalls. 
This here is my incredibly funny friend. I know she’ll tell me off (or find the nogative – not a spelling mistake – stick).
But this lovely lady has been absolutely amazing this past year 
(well more than a year, but especially this past year).
She has gone above and beyond the depths of friendship. Stood and held my hand when I couldn’t stand, we’ve always had our weekly adventures, but she STILL kept visiting every week, no matter how sick I was she was there. 
Helped with the toddler, when she has her own, whilst I had a crazy amount of hospital visits. Even on Melody’s birthday, when I felt really rough she tried to take me to lunch but instead took little lady. 
I don’t know what we’d have done without her. 
She never turned her back once. 
Although I’m not feeling myself at the moment, she still there. 
Here is my Mad Hatter friend. 
She is truly amazing, she gives the best adventures….

Little lady’s minor injuries, whilst having fun in the mud. 
Princess who loves mud and dirt!

* * *
Quiet day for me and the tiniest girls, as their dad returned to work. Was surprisingly relaxing. We’d planned on taking a walk, but the rain dampened things….literally. 
Hubby left us little post-its though. Cute. 
Today also marked a Day of Hope, (mentioned here) a day set aside for bereaved parents and our lost children. 
Flag I had made and candles lit for our little Melody. 
* * * *
Bigger two returned home, we thought it would be a great idea to attempt the weekly shop, my husband usually does it…alone. Has done since I was poorly with the HG. It was challenging to say the least! 
My 10 year old offered to wear the two year old, they both loved it, but the two year old soon got bored.
Think I’ll leave that job to John!
The eldest loves baby wearing. Definitely a convert.
(The baby was on my front). 
A Spot of baking completed our day..
* * * * *
Library visit meant the children’s names were placed on the wall of fame, for completing the library challenge. 
I was able to pick up some books for research for the book I am currently working on. 
It won’t be a great masterpiece, but I am looking forward to working and completing it. 
A trip to Sidmouth in Devon, in the hope we would get to see the famous Red Arrows.
The weather was wet and foggy all day, even the journey there the fog got thicker. We were sure it would once again get cancelled due to poor weather conditions. 
We had a wander around the shops, including a trip to the fudge shop for the children, of course being Dairy Free I couldn’t get any. But did find these truffles. 
Gluten and Dairy Free. I have so far really enjoyed being Dairy Free,most of the foods have been enjoyable. For me personally, these weren’t one of them. Won’t be repeating the purchase. 
The commentator/organisers of the Sidmouth event weren’t sure if it would take place, so there was a little wait,where we decided to have early dinner in The White Horse.
Lovely Fish and Chip cafe, we’d used the take away last year whilst Christmas shopping.
Very delicious.
Service was great, apart from no baby changing facilities, was lovely place to eat.
The children enjoyed gigantic ice-creams, once we had left the restaurant. 
The time ticked by, we ventured onto the beach to hear news on whether the Red Arrows show would be going ahead or not. The rain clouds still hovered, but no rain and the fog had disappeared. But was it enough to be safe for the flight?
Sitting on the beach as the crowds began to fill it. 
Big Miss wrote all our names on pebbles whilst we waited. 
Enjoying her wait, though she has no idea what she is waiting for. Cuddles with my bigger two. 

The crowd filled the beach completely, I’d never seen the beach so full. 
This picture shows how little space there was in the area we were sitting. 
The news soon came that the Red Arrows WOULD be doing a show. The crowd erupted in cheers.
My boy was incredibly excited. 
He’d kind of seen them whilst he was at his own performance back in early Summer, 
but without the smoke. 
He was fit to burst. 
The Red Arrows. 

Was only about fifteen minutes long, but was amazing. 
The children’s faces were priceless, not ashamed to say it brought a tear to my eye!
(Crazy Hormonal woman!)
Sad face was because the performance had ended!
* * * * * *
The day begun with a Majorette fundraiser. The Big Breakfast. 

Was very delicious for a very worthy cause, very excited for the next Big Breakfast. 
Final Majorette performance of the season happened. I say season, but the next one begins in three weeks!
Today’s performance was at a Fun Day in a little Village, Barwick in Somerset. The weather for once  (only just, as we left the thunder and lightening begun) was on our side. 

 Love watching them perform. This visit the majorettes were asked to show and let the audience have a go at twirling. Hoping they get new recruits.

In all honesty even I am seriously considering joining. But it is a confidence, age and weight thing that is holding me back. Plus not feeling the best (but this would be the reason to do it) at the moment.
I did twirling and poms as a little girl, so a very long time ago. I think I would really enjoy it, but it is making that first step.

Do I?
Don’t I?

We’ll see.

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