Summer 2015…Seven

Here we are the last of the summer holidays. I cannot believe how fast this year’s has gone. Truly felt like I have blinked and missed it.

Beginning the week, with these gorgeous flowers from my husband, no particular reason, but to cheer me up. I’ve not been feeling my best recently, but he certainly knows how to put colour in the grey days. 

An evening of board games as we wind down for the end of Summer. 
 Cars 2 Monopoly, great game, but just as long as the original, this was a bargain price of 20 pence, seemingly unused, found by my son at the Fun Day they attended last week. 
We also played Friends’ Scene It. 
Cannot believe Friends finished ten years ago….
Baking with Baby K 

* * 
A trip to our toddler’s favourite place, enabling me to get some writing done, 
whilst she had the time of her life. 
Sweaty Betty enjoying a quick break. Really recommend Shakees in Taunton fir little ones. We’re currently using a £5 monthly pass, have already used it 3 times. 

Even this one had a doze in amongst the noise. 
Sitting on the chair next to me, looking over at my little girl, I notice just how beautiful her curls are. 
I had so much stick growing up about my hair, leaving me with little friendships, feeling like noone wanted to be friends with the red head, It was very lonely. Looking now at all the friendships people still have from school, makes things even more apparent. 
I am so pleased that so far (I hope it will continue), all my children ever get now are compliments. 
My adult friendships take me as I am. 
A loon!
* * *
Another and final trip to Barleymows the local farm shop, with a Maize Maze and other play equipment. We wasn’t going to let the rain clouds put us off. 
This time, we went with friends. 

My beautiful friend, (God-mama to be)

So many smiles and giggles. The children had a great time, we even managed a picnic!
Then we felt a spot of rain, and knew it was maybe time we packed up. 
I had to nip into town for a spot of shopping. Aside from two or three spots of rain, it was dry by the time we had got back to the car. 
We reached the second and last shop I needed…
Drowned Rats, sprung to mind! Was like someone was pouring buckets of water down from the roof tops. The children, loved it, if I’d had the rain cover for the baby would have let them splash in it for a moment longer. They even mentioned Melody had been playing with the hose pipes on full blast!
Giggles Galore. Nice warm showers and hot drinks when they got in. 
* * * *
The Great School Shoe Hunt!
I’m not great on queues, more so with a baby and a nosey toddler it isn’t ideal, so we went as early as we could, to avoid the mad rush.
Awaiting her first Clarks’ trip
Selfie Corner.
(Last year’s shot)
We actually had a spot of sunshine over at Clarks’ Village in Street too. It is a lovely shopping village, its just not for us when it is very busy. 
Here we are being sized. Which they seemed to really enjoy, Baby K was most intrigued. 

With toddler a size 7 the boy, size 2 1/2 and the eldest a 3. 
Soon will be catching up with me. 
Was all too tiring for the baby, as she slept through most of our outing to buy shoes. 
Babywearing, definitely for the win. 
* * * * *
A mini bike ride with Mr J
Very much missing my evening jogging sessions, more so because Baby C likes to cluster feed in the evenings, nothing will do apart from the boob! 
Looking forward to our evening jogging adventures again. 
* * * * * *
Family Film Night 
watching the new Cinderella. 
I won’t spoil it, but I definitely recommend watching, seeing Helena play something opposite to Bellatrix. I hope you enjoy as much as we did. 
* * * * * * * *
Although we didn’t end up going to the event ourselves, we did however buy a candle for Candles On the Cobb in Lyme Regis for our little Melody. 
Not a day goes by where she isn’t in our thoughts. 
We thought this was perfect to include her. 
I miss her. 
* * * * * * *
2015, really has been such an amazing “Summer” holiday. Although at times the weather has been disgusting, we tried to make the best of what we had. We truly did. 
Woodlands to Beach visits. 
Family time, and fun with friends. 
I am so pleased I recorded it all through photos, because I simply cannot remember it all. 
We may not be able to afford much, but the smiles and laughter that we have had this summer proves, that all we need are the right people, to bring the fun. 
This little lot are truly amazing. 

But of course I would say that. 

Here is to the end of the Summer, the next adventure of their lives. 
Feeling lucky that they are growing every single day. 

Our Summer 
Seven Minus One. 
Thank you for reading. 

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