Summer 2015…Five

This Summer has gone far too quickly this year. I feel as though I have blinked too much, and missing it. 

I am a huge fan of the six week holidays, always have been, love spending time with the children, finding different adventures, whether it is at home or out and about. 
Childhood days are so precious, they grow up so quickly, of course I am so pleased they are growing, but it is scary where the time goes. 
I am having a moment with some cracks I am struggling with, that need smoothing out and filling. I feel embarrassed about these cracks, I know I shouldn’t, but I am working on it. 
This in mind, keeping busy and days filled are to me important, to help me return to me. 
I have a husband and a few friends who are helping me to stand again.
Only way is up right?
Here is our Summer Part Five. 
Kick starting the week with a trip to soft play for toddlers with the littlest. 
Shakees in Taunton. 
Our little lady loves it, we’ve just brought a monthly pass, 
so I can take her a bit more and also as part of my goals to drive more!
* *
Easy Pizzas. (250 calories)
Tortilla Wraps,
Grated Cheese
Wafer thin ham. 
(Yes our princess fairy is cooking too!



The children really love these pizzas, was their first time making these. 
* * *
Rainy day Friday meant a trip to a soft play place with friends. 
Playdome in Honiton. 
It was packed to the brim, which meant we were limited to two hour play. 
Three very sweaty children. 
Due to the busyness of the play place, we had to change our plans for lunch, 
which brought us here…
In Honiton, we managed to have the “Indoor Beer Garden” to ourselves. 
A lovely Wetherspoons, seemed very child friendly, meant we could sit anywhere. Which is a bonus when there were so many of us. 
* * * *
A day at home barbecuing with friends.
We weren’t sure if it would go ahead due to the weather. 
We weren’t going to let it stop our plans!
Our lovely friend getting soaked by the children!

We’ve been together 6 years on the 18th August. 
Here’s to us.
This man is awesome!

Couldn’t wait to put her costume on. 

The sun joined us for a short time. 
* * * * *
Yearly visit to the local Maize Maze at Barleymows just outside of Chard.
The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves as always, 
well worth a visit in the short time it is available. 
Lost Selfie!

Middle of the maze victory dance!
Silly face selfie!
Calliope’s first Maize Maze
Finish line Victory pose!


Welly Wanging!!
Some baby smiles…

 My biggest girl wanted to remember her sister too.

 Smiling faces for the whole time we were there. 
Hoping we can squeeze in one more visit before Summer is out. 
The children also decided they fancied going to a Car Boot Sale, as the weather wasn’t wet, we thought we’d do the two things!
We’d planned to go in a couple of weeks, but weather is too unpredictable the next date we’ve a fair amount on that day.
Gve the children a little bit of cash each, they had to spend wisely! 
They were happy with their purchases, we’ve a new family of pandas and more books on the shelves.
I found this at a bargain price.
Its not the best of ones, but will be used as our emergency spare one!

 Thank you for reading.

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