Robyn….. Our Christmas Companion

Good Evening All.

I am Robyn, I am part of the Christmas Team. I’ve come to add some magic to some very special little people’s lives.
I’ve not come to judge if they have been naughty,or nice…. We all have our moments. 
I just want to make friends,and get to know humans in their most magical time.

I’ve arrived a few days ahead of December, to prepare the first of the parcels that I shall leave for the tiny humans daily and spread some Christmas cheer. I maybe even get a smile from the big ones too..
I plan to explore and quietly get to know my surroundings,as not to get lost. 
I came across this item today,I’m sure it’ll come in handy later on,I hope they won’t miss it too much…
That’s all for now. 
See you all soon

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