Robyn…Day Twelve

I was taken out of the home for an adventure…
We travelled for about an hour or so, I felt really excited, I had no idea where I was going…

Then they left me in the car, I was sure they’d remember me.
Come back.
I managed to get out,to try call them,
Onto a hedge I climbed, I wanted to follow,but they were walking too fast..
I climbed higher up the tree,to see if they would remember..but they didn’t.
In haste,I wanted to take the car, to leave them stranded like they did me..
Then I remember I’m a penguin, I have no idea how to drive. 
So,I listen to some music instead.

They soon returned, I didn’t want to interact with them,but the tiniest,gave me such a good cuddle,I almost melted.
The humans made up for it by leaving these treats laying about..
Sure they won’t mind. .
The sugar went to our heads a little
I’m not sure the humans are going to be overly happy.

I am hoping there will be some smiles in the morning

That was fun

“You’ll find these four items at all the points of a compass”.

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