First day of some kind of normality in what feels like ages.
With both the husband and I being poorly for weeks on end,he returns to work today,and I’m back doing the toddler’s school run,alone for the first time in weeks. To spend one to one time with the baby.
I miss the toddler terribly,when she’s there,it does still make me nervous,being in the care of professionals,but I do hope the more she goes,the more I’ll begin to relax. And believe that she will be okay.
She of course loves it there, the lack of goodbyes tell me that.

Last night miss toddler lived up to her shit sleeper status, so spent the night downstairs, with a baby who sleeps (when attached to me but she does sleep). A night of Frozen 36 thousand times…or at least it seemed like it. As once I was bundled under two sleepy lions, I couldn’t reach the TV controller.

So my day consisted on writing..finishing chapter three of my supernatural thriller. Which to be honest I think I’ll re-write it. But I can still say I’ve done chapter three.
Rediscovered this at the weekend,an early sketch of how I imagine one of my scenes.

 If only I could remember where I was going with it. Only started writing it in 2010! (Crazy,what’s changed in that time frame).

 The baby who likes her night sleep, felt the need to be attached to the boob all day,whilst she dozed. Here’s a rare off the boob moment…Smiley!

Weather,was yet again crap too. Who do we write and complain to about this shit weather?! Bored of it now.
Plans of walking to school,visiting the cemetery… Not been for a while,feel I probably need to, all paused because of the weather.
I don’t mind walking in rain,but not when wearing the baby,I don’t have a baby wearing coat, and she thinks I’m performing an act of torture if I put her in the pram (same with car seat).
Once again we remained home,no big deal.

Toddler returned home,with the munchies. She had no idea what she’d done at school today. Guessing she didn’t sit on the carpet all day.
She can remember what I’ve brought in the shop,where I’ve hidden things. Recognises words,books. But when I ask her what she did in 6 hours,she doesn’t know!
Must have been fun..
Hubby returned from work,I did miss him. We are close. We don’t get bored of each other,which is handy as we’re in this for the long haul.
I am a lucky girl.

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