Happy Birthday

Our gorgeous rainbow is three today!
We came to learn very quickly,that the storm we were battered with,would in deed never end. But actually rather a rainbow after the storm, she became our pot of gold at the end of it instead.

She is still as much of a diva as she was a year ago.
She loves everything girlie,from princesses to an abundance of pink.
She bosses us all around,yet enjoys gentles cuddles with her biggest sister, loves a game of trains with her brother too.

She’s taken to being a big sister,even if her baby sister is noisy!!

Big step for both of us this week as she begins her preschool journey…(not sure if I’m ready,also not sure if preschool are ready for her).
Most people want them to stop growing, or stay as they are…
For me, I’m just pleased we’re here.
Turning three,as she should be,being the princess we know and love…

Happy Birthday Kelsi

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