Fresh Flowers At Tesco

As an Orchard At Tesco member, I had the opportunity to purchase Fresh Flowers from Tesco, I was able to try them for less, brought from my local store here in Somerset. I bought them for a very special birthday, so as I was trying them for less than the normal price, I managed to get a selection. Because of the occasion the colours needed to have lots of yellow, and full of colour. 
Tulip Bunch, bright yellow, and gorgeous.

Hot Stuff Bouquet, which included, Bright Pink and Sunshine Gerberas in the spray. 
Finally a Small Rose Bouquet, again yellow flowers. 
They were all beautiful. Only downside was one of the pink Gerbera heads fell off as we delivered them, which was disappointing.
 But overall I was happy with them.
I would say that I would recommend the flowers, even after one of the heads had fallen off, as mentioned above. There were some beautiful flowers in the collections, would have love to have seen Rainbow Roses as an option though. 
Because of our personal experience, we regularly buy Tesco Fresh Flowers, and would buy again after this experience. 

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