Despicable Me 3

My children, as well as so many other children are practically obsessed with the little yellow people and their bald leader. I do love the franchise, but in the past thought there was quite a lot of overkill. Minions everywhere. 

Today I took three of my Reds to see this new film, it hasn’t been out long, but wanted to squeeze a viewing in before the Summer Holiday madness begins in a couple of weeks. 

After the utter shock of paying for this treat (very disappointed with the Odeon Cinema pricing!) we settled down waited for the film to begin. 

From opening credits right until the end, there was action, and a lot more screen time for the leading guy – Gru. 

Of course I don’t want to spoil it, as I would be annoyed if anyone were to do that to me. 

But this film we met his brother, and he is even funnier (and clueless), than Gru, he is a great addition to the movie.  

There’s some great music featuring Michael Jackson, A-ha and Madonna, which for us who are adults will find rather amusing. 

We see Lucy develop her relationship with her adopted daughters, and I can definitely relate to how she is winging her way through motherhood, there may have been a tear shed.. 

This action packed animation is definitely a winner in the Red household. Mini Red (4) barely took her eyes from the screen. Even the older two who are 12 and 9 were very impressed. As a range of ages it is clear this movie will do well. 

We’ll look forward to the DVD release when the youngest can see it too. 

If you’re looking for a movie to kick start the Summer Holidays, I’d certainly recommend it. 

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