Confidence Building

“Playground Politics”
Today I attended my usual baby group, our local sling meet. 
It was the second baby group I attended that made me feel welcome, and wanted. 
The first being weekly with some lovely mamas. 
The other with a downside that it is in the next town. So of course finding the confidence to get on the bus, let alone going to the group too. 
Anyway today was the first time since before summer that I attended. As expected it was lovely. 
Lovely atmosphere, no room for exclusion, which is sadly what I personally feel at times. 
It can be incredibly lonely, when you know all around you there are mums and baby/toddler groups. 
Yet you’re at home, waiting for the next adventure (which of course is my favourite part of the week) and the once a week toddler group. 
An outcast in a place you’ve always been…
Doesn’t help with the confidence/life building. 
I hate the way it makes me feel….
Wrapped up and ready for her bus trip..
Followed by the top of the list (luxury) Hot Chocolate.
While the tiny human played..

It’s nice for her to make friends her own age (apart form her best friend of course).
But I worry that she is going to miss out of having toddler friends. 
It’s incredibly upsetting, especially when you’re not overly sure why. 
This is why I think although it is a bus ride and only twice a month, it is worth it to let her make friends, why shouldn’t she? Why should she be excluded?
I did how ever make a couple of new friends my self, as did she. So maybe more baby groups in the running! 
So not all bad…
I just wish I had more confidence, and thicker skin. 
Tired bug!!

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