You know the ones posted on social media at least twice a week. Some have an inclusion, to tag a friend others are more of a personal plight.

The moment you feel like you’re back on the AstroTurf, repeatedly picked last for sport, or groups in the classroom. Watching all your mates get included, you’re an afterthought.
But then you get that on the fence,torn feeling,where by you do get picked,they ask you to pick ONE photo that makes you a mother. Well,I’m one of ‘those’ people who can’t just pick one photo, actually I can’t pick any photo, because I need separate ones. Incomplete, but complete family portrait.
Sleepless nights, wiping away tears,sweaty hugs and chocolatey kisses replacing soggy flowers at a grave are what make me a mother.
Don’t get me wrong the ‘motherhood’ challenge is lovely. Great things to see mother’s be proud of all their children,and not pick and choose.
But there will be mums who’ve braved a photo of their stillborn baby, or a headstone, no doubt these mothers will have got abuse, for doing what social media asked.
But they are STILL mothers.
There we return to the left out child in the classroom,because someone tried to include them,but it went wrong.

I will always share two photos.
But should be remembered not all mothers have photos.

Beautiful the way I am challenge.
With anxieties to the max,and all you can concentrate on is how ugly you feel,both inside and out,it is another ‘challenge’ I’d fail.

I’ve made mistakes,I’m a different person to who I was a year ago,hell I’m almost unrecognisable to the person I was ten years ago. 

I don’t like looking in the mirror, the reflection only reminds me of someone I don’t want to be.
My challenge is to make that change. I want to be ‘that’ beautiful person who completes the challenge.
My children make me beautiful, when I feel ugly.
My husband makes me feel beautiful when I feel disgusting.
My hand makes me beautiful, to offer to hold someone else’s, to hand them support.
My pen helps me find the beauty, locked in my mind, to discover me.
My friendships, bring the rainbow beauty, are a part of who I am. Without them,(my husband and children too),really would just be an ugly grey cloud.

Hi-five to those who complete their challenges, whether it social media challenge or getting out of bed. One small challenge at a time.

Don’t just be beautiful, be inspirational.

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