A Royal Announcement..The Other Side/The Ugly Truth

Wonderful news to hear of another Royal being born, the news in all the feeds, in all the papers. 
Photographer’s fighting the way to take the first bump photo. 
Guess the sex, what will it be called. 
Hyperemesis Gravidarum will get the awareness that is deserves, it will also get attacked, likened to being lazy and not an illness. 
I’ve had HG four times, it isn’t “just morning sickness” causing IUGR in my babies, leading to one of them not coming home, when HG “Isn’t worth it in the end” 
It alienates you, at times you wish it would stop, that for a split second it would be over. But then the baby dies, you feel guilty because you wished your pregnancy away. 
You can’t cope with hospital visits, you have to remain at home, because you’re so sick that people keep telling you “it’s just morning sickness, get over it” 
People walk away, get bored of hearing of your being sick, throwing it in your face because you can’t meet for coffee for 9 months, when honestly coffee smells made me sick too. 
It makes you lonely. 
No amount of ginger will make the sickness go away. 
It’s been 18 months since I last vomited due to HG, I have damaged my insides, my stomach muscles have been torn to shreds due to the retching, I get horrendous flash backs, I can no longer eat certain foods because I have become intolerant. 
So no it isn’t just morning sickness, and yes I was ill… 
Be sick 40 times a day and tell me that isn’t ill.
The Ugly Truth 
The Royal baby brings joy to the family close by, to thousands who are fans. 
But to the thousands who today have had to learn their baby’s heart has stopped, to learn that they can have no children. 
17 hearts broke today because their babies died being born. 
1in4 people will have had their first scan, to be told it hasn’t grown in weeks. 
Someone will today have been told that their baby who they had grown to love, and taken care, won’t survive. 
They have to drive passed billboards, hear people talking that there is a royal baby on the way. 
“Why them and not me?!”
Maybe, just maybe the media need to stop and think and remember the babies and indeed children who haven’t seen the end of today. 
I do wish them well, and I hope they don’t become a statistic. 
But please have a thought to people who aren’t as lucky…

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