A Rainbow Birthday

Our little rainbow, number two. Our smiley sunshine. Today is her very first birthday.
These days have gone far too quickly. A lot a blur. But we’re here. Our final baby reaches one.

Our year together,has given both me and her challenges. I’m grateful for motherhood, even more so as a bereaved mother. But we’ve hit a huge milestone of her little life.

 Her allergy challenges, triggering PND for me. Days where I’ve felt like a complete failure,I’ve felt broken on more than one occasion. I was warned on this post HG effect,but I didn’t believe it. But this little girl has brought us so much light. Once her reactions,her screaming had settled,the brightness has come.

Looking back through her early days,many many screaming pictures.
To where she is today.
She’s sensitive,she’s shy.
She smiles so much, even if she projectile vomits,waking her dad up as she covers his back,she still smiles.
She idolizes her siblings, and her favourite word is boobs.

She regularly tells her daddy off,and is a fantastic boogie bum.
The best thing, I don’t even know why,or how I deserve this gorgeous little girl, but I am her favourite person.
The way she looks at me,is the look you get when you see everything you’ve ever wanted in one blink of an eye.

I don’t know how I deserve,such a sweet little lady,but I am so,so lucky. That this baby,this rainbow, after the unforgettable storm that was our pregnancy.
This baby is our little Lolly.
And I’d like to wish her a happy,smiley first birthday.

Thank you for your colour.

 (One Month old)                                                           (Today)

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