#100happydays Thirty Seven

I’m actually on the right day today!
Wonderful day it has been too.
Brief visit to the shops in the hope that we’ve the right repairs for our tent.
Will update tomorrow..

We were going to a play park,but actually the heat seemed a little too intense for the girlies,I know other countries have it hotter. But we’re here.
So we went to the closest National Trust. We’ve been there a fair few times. But it’s lovely and the shady picnic area makes it perfect.

Attempted some notes in the beautiful sunshine too.
Beautiful countryside.
Followed by a display at a fun day we do annually.
We had a great time.

The toddler came second in the egg and spoon race. (She would have come first but she stopped to see where every one else behind her was).
Helped make pom caterpillars.
Face painted adults
 And finally a go at the three legged race.
We failed miserably!! 
Definitely a happy day. 

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