#100happydays Thirty Eight

They’re a wonderful thing. Gives you opportunity to have breaks away,cheaply.
We were given one as a Christmas present, we were so pleased. We’d planned on using it a few times. Life happened,time has run away from us,we’ve just not been able to use it yet.

We have an opportunity coming up to use it.
Our huge Eurohike Birmingham 8 tent.
Only we noticed holes had appeared on the bag and soon realised the outer tent itself.
F*c#@+g cats!

(Mirrored either side).

Love them, but bloody hell really?!! this meant we had to set it up;we realised this, Friday. (Today is Sunday)!
Quick job we thought, quick patch up job done..was it hell?!
Instructions.. Colour coded instructions, in black and white.

(Fully aware this is upside down).
Realise the shock cord,which holds the pieces together,is actually broken! Unsure whether it was a manufacturing issue or not,but whatever, there wasn’t enough shock cord.
 As the instructions weren’t clear,it appeared we were short on poles. 
Following day a trip to Yeovil,to discover Millets aren’t there anymore. 
I wish companies would update their websites more frequently…
Store locators are great, use them.
Blacks sold us a kit,said the cord would do our tent. 
Went away relieved. 
Today we begin to tackle the tent. 
1130am,or there about.
Preschooler NOT helping.

The kit Blacks gave us didn’t actually do “our tent”, the cord was just enough for one section. 
This was realised at 2:30pm on a Sunday afternoon, in a town,that doesn’t really cater for camping (please enlighten me if there is).
Mad dash down there,only to discover the shop that sold off the roll,had moved.

Trying the other camping shop,just in case.
With the three year old desperate for a pink sleeping bag.
” Not yet!!”.
Finally get to a shop which sells our cord.
Thank you GoOutdoors! 
Madam enjoyed looking around all the display tents,she felt better when she had her new bag too.
Well,almost..the little girl in the queue in front had a cuddly Nemo toy.
Mini meltdown,calmed by a Freddo. (Can you believe they’re 25p now?!)
Baby being a Houdini. Chair climbing,highchair climbing,tent crawling,stone in mouth. Little sod! 
And still the tent lay flat. 

 Feeding the poles we discover there are too many poles.
Yep that’s right too bloody many!! 
Can’t make this stuff up.

K finding it all hilarious, desperate to sleep in it,which I said we could.
Just us girls..

20:09 it’s up. Not perfectly, because guess what?! 
You guessed it,our garden isn’t quite big enough for it!! 
No doubt it will be once the design of our garden is finished.
But honestly! 
We’re beginners, love the idea of camping,did it often as a child. 
But the instructions need to be better! 
Or at least have the parts that are complete.
We’re so grateful to this piece of kit,and excited about making memories.
Thank you so much!! 
This is definitely one to remember!
Did she get to sleep in the tent? 
Well,as our repair kit was not big enough (and pricy), and pegs can’t all go in,we couldn’t really garden camp. 
But fear not.. The little lady got her wish.
Pop up tent in her bedroom, with her sleeping bag.

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