#100happydays Forty Five

Another lovely day spent with my husband’s family.
 Final day.
We took a visit to Wollaton Hall.  Apparently The Dark Knight Rises was filmed there.

Outside was beautiful,which where they used to film. However inside,the house itself was stunning,beautiful assortment of paintings. Upstairs had a huge collection of Taxidermy!!

From insects,spiders (of course I didn’t stay in that room long) to gorillas and a giraffe.

Really, wasn’t my cup of tea,neither was it my husband’s so we ventured back outside.

Taking a walk to see the Deer,they were lovely, we didn’t get too close though.
The rest of our group took a longer walk,but Hubby’s leg (infection in his vein) was hurting,so we ventured back to the bus.
Little bit disappointed to see no mention of Batman,but I guess that isn’t what the house is about.

We have really had such a lovely weekend.

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