#100happydays Day Twenty Six

I managed to write a page, that was certainly  happy moment!
Small one but a happy one.
Brought the fabric,well T-shirt for Melody’s prayer flag for this year’s Day of Hope,which is in August,I’ll feature this over in Melody and Me. Just looking for iron on things to add to it,I’m no good at sewing,but then I should maybe invest in a sewing machine.

Lacked in the way of photos today,so I currently have a 13 month old who thinks sleep is for the weak,and is emptying our DVD shelf.

Not the best of photos.
Although she does sleep in our bed,she sleeps reasonably well,so her lack of interest in going to bed is unusual, something is bothering her,but can’t put our fingers on what. 
But for now,she’s pushing the chair around,I hope it’ll wear her out a bit! 

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