#100happydays Day Twenty Five

Quarter of the way there.
Lovely unexpected day with the hubby. The bigger two have gone to their dad’s for an adventure. So we had our own,lunch out and a play at the park.

Even daddy had a go…
Lovely scarf in the charity shop,which I may use as my Prayer Flag this year if my other idea falls through. 
Finally, we discovered a little cafe/up cycling shop,which sells..
Homemade Gluten AND dairy free cakes.
It is really hard to find decent free from produce which is not mass produced or have on or the other no products. 
I mean I’ve to travel half an hour just to get chocolate spread! 
(If I were to order online would cost over £7!). 
Our issues are only hopefully temporary, although I quite like being gluten and dairy free, I really feel for people who do want the odd treat, but can’t locally. 
This cake was corvette and lime and it was AMAZING!!
Thank you to The Green House in Ilminster.
Same time tomorrow😉 

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