#100happydays Day Three.

A grey start,both mentally and the weather.
One of those situations where I simply couldn’t win,no matter what I tried, to rise above and not let things pull me down. After all I have been through worse. And simple things, should be easier to ignore. But of course that is where the anxieties often fan the flames,rather than give me air.

But I’m OK. I need to learn to let things go over my head easier.

Day three. Sunday Roast. Full family time in the morning.
Including taking my eldest for a spot of stationery shopping,ready for her visit to big school this week.
I’m not sure who was more excited,her or me?!

You can NEVER have too much stationery..
Children playing nicely 
Two big squishes vacated to their dad’s for a few days.
I miss them. 
Which left us a quiet afternoon, with the toddler and baby.
A trip to the park and an ice cream, in the very rare dry weather.

Even the biggest kid had a go..
I had a job to remove him from it..
Nothing like ice cream as bribery to help the process.

This one gets her name mispronounced a fair bit, I think she’ll curse us when she is older. 
One of the names being Calippo- the lolly,(Lolly being a name I call her).
So we thought she may as well have one..
Finally this guy really is my hero. 
No other words, I’ll just pop this here. 

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