#100happydays Day Thirty Six

Hospital appointment with the littlest,trying to resolve her food issues.
It was helpful but will be a slow process.
With an accidental intake of dairy resulting in a reaction, we’re putting of the milk trial for six months.
It was decided that we’d trial gluten, with Rye as the first thing.
Now awaiting the ladder so we can begin.

Returning home with a surprise message,that I’ve been asked to be interviewed by a local radio station.
Shocked to say the least. Hopefully I won’t mess it up.

The garden is slowly coming along.

 We’ve managed to even get Melody’s gnomes out there.

Bubba and I sat out there whilst daddy and toddler took a nap;hubby hasn’t been feeling particularly well, Calliope was climbing him. 
As it was nice and garden kind of on its way of being sorted,I thought we’d sit and enjoy for half an hour.
I’ll get back in the habit of this daily. 
Although,I can’t promise. 

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