#100happydays Day Sixteen

Lovely family day certainly cheered me up no end.
There are things in my life right now,that I’m unsure on how to stop. Whilst I am trying to rise above, I won’t let on to what is currently troubling me.
I do know I feel silly for letting it trouble me. The things we have been through. Yet I let “silly” things,almost destroy me emotionally. I cannot let it beat me.
I’m told I’m amazing,and somehow inspirational. These are the people I need to listen to.

So,today has been amazing. Albeit hot and sticky.
What was planned as a day at the Northernhay Gardens in Exeter picnicking.

Yes,we forgot the blanket! 
We ended up getting baby lolly her first pair of shoes! 
She wasn’t overly impressed on staying still. 

But she quite likes them. 
We’re still not walking all the time, but loves cruising and on her feet, will let go when it takes her fancy! 
A milestone so unbelievably precious.

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