#100happydays Day Six

I’m unsettled. My brain,my heart aren’t in the right places right now.
It’s not something I can fix. It’s not something that will go away. It is just a more bumpy path,the shoes hurt. But they’re comfortable most of the time, it’s just a slight adjustment and I’ll be OK again.

I’ve hit a raw spell. But as I said I can’t fix it, I can’t ignore, no matter how much I try or want to.
It’ll be alright, I know it will,there’s no other choice, but to be.

Our day began with bubbles

Had a lovely day with friends,the toddler girls get on amazingly, the babies are heading that way too.
Two years we’ve had adventures, with many,many more planned.

National Trust places are absolutely lovely,really pleased we decided to take up a membership.

Evening shopping with my biggest girlie, swimming costume for the summer break.

And the reason for our trip, dairy free chocolate spread.
Unfortunately nowhere in the town I live in sells the stuff, no dairy free chocolate spread,anywhere. 
So I’ve to travel to get any. Normally I’d have waited but as I’m feeling a little shitty,chocolate is a tasty fix.
That and a Costa Cooler.

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