#100happydays Day One

As per my introduction blog yesterday, I’ve decided to begin the One Hundred Happy Days Challenge.

A way to relight one of my islands. (Personality island.. Ref Inside Out).

Today has been a bit of a busy one. I like Fridays.

Toddler group with the tiniest one. But she wasn’t overly fussed by it today, so we left slightly earlier.
Catching sight of the school leavers,how lovely they looked.
Seems like a lifetime since I left school.(1999).
Had my little stint at work,it isn’t many hours at the moment (though that is set to change). But I really enjoy it.

My happy moment would be,being invited to see the Forest School section of the school, a special tour by my year 6 daughter and her friend. (A few other parents were there too).
It was really interesting, I am so pleased I went.
It is lovely what they have on offer for the children.
I especially liked the teepee,it felt incredibly peaceful.

I obviously couldn’t take photos there,so a selfie will have to do.

A bowl of huge strawberries. 
Day One of Happy.

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