#100happydays Day Nine

She had taken a couple of tiny steps around 8 months old. She wasn’t impressed, she’s sensitive, a little cautious. So she took to cruising the furniture. Speedily,without thought.
Whilst she continued to hold on to the furniture as she walked and her legs got used to the idea,she climbed the stairs,the sofa, she added to her vocabulary, escaped from pushchair straps,even learned how to gracefully tantrum without hurting herself,so put walking independently on the back burner.
Until today.
Today our littlest noise box. Took 5 steps-twice!
Beautifully bribed by the boob,but she did it.
As difficult as some days can be, with a baby who idolizes every piece of me (although I’m not sure why). It makes it all that more worth it,when I get to hear her first word, see her first step.

I’ve been really struggling the past week or so for missing our girl, no amount of “rainbows” shall fix me,hence why I’m here,Day Nine.
 But today seeing her make that step, I’m so glad that she gets to grow “too fast”.

(Taken a couple of weeks ago).
I am so lucky I get to be her mummy. 

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