#100happydays Day Fourteen

Today has been perfect,surreal but perfect. Planning on the excitement that comes from seeing my eldest daughter in her year six play.
Which was absolutely amazing.
No pictures. But I couldn’t be more prouder of that girl. No matter how many times I watch her perform,through school or the majorettes, I am still so proud.

A few months ago I was nominated for a Butterfly Award. A prestigious award, centred around child bereavement.
This morning, I get a massive shock,that I have actually been shortlisted for the award. In the author/blogger category. Aside from this blog,which I use to mainly talk crap, but so I can speak about ALL of my children. Life after losing Melody is not the same.
So I’ve been shortlisted for my blog over at Melody and Me 
I’m a little, well I lie, I am massively shocked to say the least.
My husband, doesn’t make me feel less than perfect. But I all too often believe the people in and around my life,that I’m nothing. A bad parent, friend, daughter.
So to be recognised in this way is incredibly hard to swallow.
It has now kick started, an array of support from the local councillor. First meeting on Monday.

I am speechless.
When I look back and feel sad and hurt by the people who walked away,treated us like crap on their shoe. I am thankful to these people,because I wouldn’t have taken my torch in search of support and used words as my outlet.

Today,I don’t feel worthless. I feel proud, that I get to be a part of this award. I know I won’t win,but I’m going to have a damn good go.

Let the campaign begin!!

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