#100happydays Day Four


Quiet Monday. Toddler in play school, whilst the baby and I chilled. I did a spot of work, then spent the rest of the time having one to one with the bubs.
I used to have this time with the toddler.
It’s precious.
I’ve a heavy feeling just now,not helped by feeling inadequate. But mainly –

I’m missing my girl. Play schools are having various parties and graduations.
The should have been but not.
Being hit by the wave that comes every so often. There’s a lull which is mainly calm these days. But right now there’s a flood.
I’ve to mop it up a drip at a time.

For today it was my old faithful, “make me feel better” box set.
It helped me through the raw early days when I wanted to shut the world out.

Much like today.

I’m OK. 
But it is also perfectly fine to not be too. 

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