#100happydays Day Forty

Sixty days to go.
Managed to get some book planning done in the morning.
I’ve six ideas in my head,this particular one will be part for the NanoWrimo challenge in November.
I say it every year and fail,so this year I’d like to get at it properly. Good strong plans and research.
I usually find it hard to do,because I also do the Capture Your Grief Project in October, as part of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. Last year I said that it would be my last,actually I said it the previous year too.
But in all honesty I can’t not do it. It is such an important and helpful part of my journey.
It’s a beautiful project. I hope she’ll do it again this year..

Had a little of this today..

Stealing potatoes
And bucket rides. 

After lunch I helped at a different sling meet to where I usually help at. It was lovely.
Took the girls to a lovely little park opposite the centre.

Absolutely gorgeous weather again. Really hope it continues.

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