#100happydays Day Forty Seven

Not as exciting as the previous days.
A day spent at home, drying the tent,washing and drying clothes and itching.
Luckily with the glorious sunshine we were able to complete them both.
Rested most of the day.

When I had my radio interview last week,I was speaking to the lady who has set everything up in regards to A Mayflower’s Rainbow,about a book I’ve been working on,half way through in fact, it’ll feature Chard Branch Line. It’s not a factual book,but I love research, actually this is why it has taken so long,because I get lost in the history of things,particularly the town in which we live; how much it has changed..
Anyway Cllr Amanda Broom,who works in Chard Book Shop recommended this book/magazine, which I purchased from Chard News.
I brought it to read on the mini bus but failed. So today I begun picking my way through.

This little lady’s wheat ladder begun today.

The little slice on her right is a slice of “normal” toast.
Fingers crossed we’ll complete this ladder reaction free.

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