#100happydays Day Forty Eight.

Today my husband and I celebrated seven years of being together.
Seven extremely quick years. We’ve been through so much, the happy,the heartbreaking. Yet he still stays, tells me he loves me a million times a day.

Together we really are one. I’m one hell of a lucky woman. I hate,hate the term “Everything happens for a reason” when it comes to the death of our daughter. But when my first marriage ended,I genuinely thought my heart was broken. But actually it was far from broken,of course I’ve discovered what a broken heart feels like.
But this time there was a reason,to bring John to me,after a throwaway status on Facebook, so meaningless, actually changed my life.
“So many weddings to buy for,I’ve only my divorce to look forward to”. Was replied to by John “I give the best hugs mwah”.
The rest is history.
Three beautiful daughters together. My older children, happy.

I have things I’m not open about,he knows he helps.
When people who should have my back stab a knife into it,rather than hold my hand. John pulls the knives and helps to heal my wounds instead.

Today to celebrate our 5th year of marriage (Back in May),  today our togetherness, we took the children to Woodlands.
 (Five Years is Wood).
We had such a lovely day today.
Cannot wait to go again.

This took many takes,to get them all facing kind of the same way! 
Despite John being poorly and in pain,he still managed to see that we all had a brilliant time.
Thank you.

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