#100happydays Day Five

The sun is shining.
Today is definitely a day for

And this

I’ve managed to catch up with this. Our washing machine died last week,with 6 of us plus nappies it can certainly catch up with you. That and crappy weather.
But one load currently washing,we’re up to date.
For today anyway! 
This one is the cheekiest one in the house.
She certainly found her Joy. 
She was here with her sister
Currently sleeping in the middle of the floor. 
This one found her joy,riding her donkey.
My biggest joy was hearing from my eldest daughter on her first transition day at secondary school. 
Of course I’ve been worried. 
I’m her mum,I’m allowed.
She texts me to tell me her class and that she has made two new friends.
I really am so pleased.

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