#100happydays Day Fifty Two

Final day of my husband’s week off,we saw a quiet day, brief visit to the shops for chocolate spread,some uniform for my eldest.

These two are so cute together.

Baby has been in to everything. 
Nothing is safe,I’ve never really baby proofed, with my eldest we had safety plugs,she’d just pulled them out. 
Lolly is up the stairs, in the kitchen, emptying cupboards, dvd shelves,trying to get out into the garden. 
But she’s so happy! 
It seems she may have passed her gluten ladder,we’ll still take things slowly but we’re so pleased. 
We’ve to wait until January to try dairy again but having gluten and dairy free diet has been quite hard to find,and financially higher too.
Ice cream cones today, free from wheat,gluten,milk nuts and I think egg,were £3.50 for 10. 
Disgusting, companies should be ashamed of themselves, we’re lucky that our issues are mainly temporary. But people who live with the intolerances for life, are dealt with expenses that often shouldn’t occur.
I know a lot are treats etc, but it really isn’t fair to slap on a hefty price tag when all people want is to eat and feel normal.
While hubby was home today, I thought I’d check out my Christmas stash.
Yes I said CHRISTMAS. 
I begun from the Christmas sales last year,to help spread the cost,doesn’t need to be expensive I know,of course it isn’t what Christmas is about. 
But does make things easier cost wise. 
Best thing I have eight,yes EIGHT rolls of cellotape, eight or nine rolls of paper even Christmas pudding.
It means we can relax and do the fun Christmas things, grottos,John and I are even going to go to a Christmas market..alone.
No children,hopefully no proper Christmas shopping,just time.
I cannot wait. 
I love Christmas, it is hard, and I did try to hate it. 
But I can’t, I love the magic,the films, the sparkle. 
The candles so I can hold her dear. 
She was alive, albeit safe in my womb,but she was alive, it brings us close and laughter. 
Our world shifted, it didn’t end.
Christmas less than six months.

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