#100happydays Day Fifty Three

Almost a day at home today, catching up on housework and laundry making the most of the sunshine to wash and dry everything in sight,you just never know with this weather.

Ideas coming together in regards to packages for baby loss parents in my area.
New leaflets ordered as well as the start of a practice package.
Keeping my mind busy.

These have kept me busy today,more so the baby.
The three year old has been happily playing with the Little People her and her sister share.
Her imaginative play is amazing.

Which leads me briefly to mention upon leaving the house to pop to the shops she looks up to the sky.
“Look mummy there’s  dragon”. 
If you can adjust your head to the side a little,I’m hoping you can see too. 
Love cloud shapes.
Visit to the shop wouldn’t be the same without

A princess..
She did want to wear her heels as well,but managed to persuade her otherwise.
This one has gone from strength to strength with her walking.
She’d carried these babies into me from the living room,she was so proud of herself.
As I’ve mentioned several times we’re working our way through the wheat ladder,so far,so good.
We braved Rice krispies this morning,which contains barley. No obvious effects. 
Then I leave her unattended for 30 seconds, she waddles out to me, she’s only got a bloody wotsit,one in each hand and a mouth full. 
Her sister had briefly dropped her bag and bubs seized the opportunity. 
It’s not agreeing with her. 
Accidental dairy trial..failed. 
More eyes are needed!! 

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