#100happydays Day Eighteen

Toddler’s final day in preschool until September.
I had a meeting with our local book shop. Exciting feelings.
These days where I feel as though I’m on cloud nine are amazing.

But there’s always something, that darkens my clouds.
I’ve made mistakes,I’ve dealt with life in ways that were right,or wrong. I’m human. Others make mistakes too. No one is perfect.
My faith in humans,gets hurt. I’m not strong enough to stand up for myself, but when I do I’m seen to be in the wrong.
If I keep quiet,which is what I have decided to do now, I cannot justify myself, I cannot have the chance to defend myself.
Instead I am a ghost. Listening to the world around me, not a bad word leaves my lips.
I’m the one standing alone in the playground.
I’m the one who hasn’t had the Summer invite for mummies. Let’s face it,I’d rather not a pity offer either.

I used to yell out loud, about the things that bother me. I could get heard,but then I’d get the requests not to say these things out loud. I did. I stopped.
I live amongst the shadows.
It’s cooler here.

I’ve said it before,so much has happened, and stupid things irritate me. They shouldn’t.
I’m hoping there’s some great things coming my way.
I’ll remember great people too.

The sun shone again today.
Along with the up and coming press release,the arrival of the sun has made it all even more perfect.

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