#100happydays Day 26

The day was originally planned for going out to lunch, with some ladies, a a play session for Kelsi. how ever as she hadn’t been well for the past few days, I gave going out a miss, especially as she had a little unsettled night, last night….

We woke up after raiding her sister’s area, she wanted to be a majorette – 
Then we felt the need to be Darth Vader – 
We’ve had Calliope playing Tangled with her wrap – 
Then she fell asleep on her play mat for the first time –
Only for her sister to wake her 5 minutes later
“Wake up, Caiopee”
Then when Calliope woke, he says “oh dear baby”
We’ve also had Princess Kelsi
A Miniature Tea Party
One of Calliope’s Christmas Presents arriving
And a sisterly selfie
As much as she has kept me completely on my toes today, I am so very pleased that she is feeling better again. 
Madness has been restored….

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