#100happyday Forty Six

Our journey home begun today.
Beginning at 1030am arriving home 20:46!
The children were all very well behaved. The motorways at times were chocka block,slow moving.
We detoured a little through, Tewkesbury, and Bristol. Tewkesbury looked really pretty,with its older buildings.
We didn’t stop in either place. A Magical Mystery Tour.

We stopped in several service places,including Gloucester services, (both sides). They’re lovely! Could have brought everything but left with free from Falafel. Yum.

Returned to Somerset, beautiful dry weather.
It’s lovely to get away,but the same upon returning too.

All belongings dumped in the middle of the living room, letting the cats in,we discover my father in law had done a good job of starting to tidy some of our patio area, a lovely surprise.

The weeds were out past the table.
Finally,I have been bitten whilst camping, actually all the adults had bites to some extent, none of the children were feasted on.
My legs look like a terrible dot to dot drawing.
Caked in either Anthisan or Savlon. One ankle swells then goes back down again.
The itching is driving me insane!!!
It is sore. 
Marmite wasn’t a deterrent this time. 
Anyone have any decent suggestions for pain and itch relief. 
I don’t really want to go to GP!
I’ve a few across my shoulders and down my arms but legs and feet are pickled. 
Aside from chopping it off from insanity, I’d like a decent remedy.

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