May 2017

May moved forward in a blink of an eye.  It was busy and it was fun. Most of all we made some decisions as a family which will hopefully lead to some new and exciting things… But of course we have to get to that point first, and to try not to build our hopes up too much for the direction we plan to take.


Mr Red was diagnosed with a Leg Ulcer, which meant he’s had to have time from work to rest, in the hope it would heal, which helped me to be able to do extra shifts at my day job, leading us to make the decision for us to swap roles; for him to spend more time with the children and for me to concentrate on a career –  a career I never imagined I wanted to do, let alone be this excited about.  It will be slow progress, because of finances and getting the child care for the initial role swap. But it’ll hopefully in turn help him work on a self employed project he is hoping to embark on too, hopefully it’ll lead him to not suffer with his legs again, or at least not in the way he has this past 18 months.

Whilst he rested, May led to the usual Wednesday outings. We’ve met up now for just over three years on a Wednesday, has gone by so quickly. The children love it too. Taking a visit to a local Wildlife Park – Axe Valley. It isn’t a large place, but it is perfect for younger children, of course there was rain, but did manage a picnic in between the showers, underneath their covered picnic area.

The girl’s favourite part had to be the Guinea Pig fishing, where the park attendants tie string on to long sticks, with metal clips at the end, which hold pieces of vegetables to feed the guinea pigs, letting the younger children be involved with feeding time.




There is a lovely assortment of animals and wildlife, from Llamas to Flamingos; and Hedgehogs and Peacocks. We’ve been before, a couple of times so would definitely recommend a visit, particularly if you have smaller children.

Other outings included a trip to Montacute House, where the Sun finally graced us with its presence.

Makes the memory making all that more easier when the sun is shining, which at times feels like not very often.

Boy Red had an inset day, it was an opportunity for us to have one to one. The original plan had been to take him to see The Flying Scotsman in Minehead, but unfortunately due to trespassers spoiling the opportunities for others to see the train, timetables were changed but not advertised. So instead we took a trip to Sainsbury’s (his choice), where he decided on lunch there in the store, he was incredibly lucky to have received a random act of kindness, when a stranger gave him 11 packets of Lego cards, I think it made his month.

It was such a lovely day of beautiful weather, on the travel home we decided to stop off and take a walk to the old Railway Station – Donyatt Halt, at least he’d get some kind of train fix, even if there haven’t been any trains there since the sixties.

May 17 (300)

It is an incredibly peaceful part of the countryside, is actually a setting to a children’s book I have been working on.


If only he were waiting for a real train.


May brought us Half Term, our final one until the Summer, it wasn’t the best of weathers, but certainly made good of what we had.

Trip to the beach


Picnics in the park with friends.

Can never expect a serious picture with this crazy lot.

May has been a lovely month, friends helping to make the time easier, since 2012, it has been a month of feeling either particularly heavy, or numbing I guess, being the month full of should haves, with the month that should have had a discharge date or at best a birthday.  It is the month in which we took our vows 6 years ago too, celebrated too with great company and many giggles.

Have really enjoyed this month, I’m really looking forward to seeing what will come next.

May 17 (379)

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