The Red Head Diaries

A journey down under…

Sadly not to Australia….
Of all the helpful children’s books, the fun short stories. Classics.
The Gruffalo every night,read by her Dad to help the tiny human sleep.
Zog read at times during the day,followed by several versions of Frozen picture books have found their way into our household library.
I’m even having a bash at my own children’s book/stories.
But never in my almost 11 years as being a mother,did I expect to read a book about Poo.
Not Winnie The Pooh either.
Poo has his own story, Poo is needing a hand to get back to his family in Pooland. (Of course,where else?)
He plays poo games,and even likes to read.
But is lost, needs to return home,to his mummy and daddy.

The book… Available to print (Poo goes to Poland),was a recommendation from a health care professional,in the hope it would encourage our rather stubborn to poo in the “big girl’s” toilet.
We have mastered most of the toilet training milestones…
Long journeys, day time,sleeping in the car..staying dry were. And even most nights she’s dry.
But getting her to poo in the toilet itself has been far from easy.
Being the very headstrong diva that she is.
Princesses don’t poo. Who knew?! Although we are along way off from being too posh to push and manual washes for vanity.

The short story about poo has so far not had any impact,to her another story added to her little mind a mind already full of stories.
To her, Poo is just another character… The Mouse or Olaf.
One Day she’ll realise,and learn what she has to do. Until then princesses do not poo in the toilet.

Toilet Training.
A whole different adventure.

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