Under Construction Three – Hyperemesis

Beginning the second trimester.

The scary one.

The HG – Hyperemesis, is still very much here and unwelcome, but I think there could be a light at the very end of the tunnel. Well the sickness tunnel.
Leaving the first trimester 13+6 We were able to hear baby’s heartbeat, I even felt it kick too.
Such a wonderful feeling, hearing it.
I left 13+6 having a day vomit free, really hoping it is the beginning of the HG packing up and moving out!
We’ll see.

14 weeks.

14 weeks, seems so strange to be at this point! Surreal.
Have been vomiting since about 6/7 weeks, so have vomited and wished the time away.
I have lost just over 8lb, have plenty to lose though.
Not many can say they lost over the Christmas season!!
Bonus..well kind of!
Living on Irn Bru, and Twister Ice lollies, with the occasional bacon pitta, it’s no surprise.
Which brings me to the one “remedy” that is very freely thrown around..

Hyperemesis Hates…

Ginger biscuits!!!!!! 
Very much said through gritted teeth.
Ginger of any form helps with morning sickness, which Hyperemesis isn’t!
Sadly the offer of ginger biscuits gets incredibly tiresome.
So if you know anyone who develops HG, avoid the ginger discussion!
It’s safer for you!!!

For me personally Ginger made my HG worse!


New Medication

14+3 was the day I met my new (to me) consultant, she is amazing, so lovely.
The meeting was very constructive, with a lot to take in.
Finally had the go ahead to continue the aspirin as I did in my last pregnancy.
She has also prescribed me an intense steroid treatment in the hope that it will rid me of this awful Hyperemesis.
She had a lovely little listen in to baby, was once again wiggly.
We’ll be having the baby earlier than full term,
and we’re going to be having three weekly scans once I hit 24 weeks.
I am very pleased, relieved that we’re getting a good care plan.


I also today braved and bought the baby something to wear,
down as “Tiny Baby” yet it’ll still no doubt swamp the baby even at birth.
But it was a challenge set by a friend, as I am terribly nervous about the pregnancy.
Challenge accepted, and completed!

Lets hope the next update is the steroids have worked
and that I am free from vomit…

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