Worst Habits

I probably have several that I am not aware of. I gave up smoking just over five years ago; I occasionally have the odd craving, but never give in to it.

I have very poor willpower when it comes to dieting, I try and then I fail miserably. We’re currently on it again; I would love to lose some for The Butterfly Awards.

Letting silly things get to me; I’ve a terrible habit of not standing up for myself, then whatever it is ends up eating me up.

I say sorry almost all the time, even for things that are nothing to do with me, or aren’t my fault I will apologise. I spent a lot of time saying it as I grew up, and for things I didn’t do.

Being shy, I guess this could be a habit; I am okay once I am in a comfortable situation, but I do get myself worked up about things unnecessarily.

Maybe talking too much – being too open. Some could say it is a bad thing, but I do like to ramble


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