Where I have traveled to.

The only place I have been abroad is Dublin, I am not even sure I can include that as having been abroad…

If I am honest, it doesn’t interest me massively either, as I mentioned on day 16. I’m happy with that. Of course I would love to travel to Disney Land, because I am a big child, but there is so much to see here.

I haven’t really travelled much here either…yet. Growing up with vintage rallies there was some traveling about; we’d stay in Wales and Cumbria quite a lot.

I love where we live in Somerset, not necessarily the town itself but the area is pretty amazing.

We camped in Nottingham last year; I am definitely a country girl; we’ve recently camped in the Cotswolds too, paying a visit to Oxford where I’d have loved to had spent more time there.

We are National Trust members and do love visiting the properties, having children in the Majorettes gives us an opportunity to travel around Devon and Somerset too.

One of my favourite places is Saunton Sands in North Devon – which we have nicknamed Melody’s beach; it is clean and so peaceful.

Apologies for the less exciting travels, but this is how I like it, it’s perfect for us, for me.



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