What is in my Messy Cupboard?

I have already mentioned my vast collection of reusable bags, but I also have a slight stationery addiction too.

There are many notebooks and bits of paper in here, full of stories and ideas which I am working on.

I like to write my very first drafts of things I write with old fashioned pen and paper, I am not overly sure why; maybe it is because I can sometimes get more done, especially with an incredibly clingy toddler, or in the car when Mr Red is driving.


I think I buy a new notebook at every opportunity I can, I also receive them often too, each one has its own topic, easy for me to remember where and what I have written, far easier to get my head around than trying to work out spreadsheets.

A couple of the books have endless random lists. Does anyone else love list writing? I’m actually at a loss as I have no lists to compile at the moment.

As well as many pieces of written work, I have charity work things in there too.

Luckily the doors are fairly stiff so the youngest one can’t open it easily.


The Red Head Diaries.

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